Automatic ultrasonic punching belt cutting machine LJL-210B

Model number: LJL-210B with ultrasonic Air Pressure: 3-6KG/C㎡ Ultrasonic frequency: 18KHZ Efficiency: 60-80pcs/min Power supply: 1.8KW

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Model number: LJL-210B Air Pressure: 3-6KG/C㎡ Voltage: 220v Power supply: 1.8KW Mechanical weight: 135kg Mechanical dimensions: 670 * 900 * 1030MM Ultrasonic frequency: 18KHZ Efficiency: 60-80pcs/min The feeding and receiving function of ultrasonic automatic label shearing machine is a necessary equipment for ribbon and ribbon cutting, which can save labor and has high quality requirements Advantages of ultrasonic: automatic edge sealing, no loose mouth, no scorch, no blackening, no burr in the incision Automatic cutting, easy to operate, wide applicability, high quality cutting, both available to cold and hot knife The principle of Ultrasonic Computerized Cutting Machine: The Ultrasonic Computerized Machine is combine the ultrasonic fusion welding technique and traditional shearing technique, the ultrasonic energy was used to transmit to welding head and have friction with cutting die by using the ultrasonic energy, enabling high quality, efficient and artistic cutting


1. Smooth and even surfaces guaranteed by using the ultrasenic cutting 2. The Ultrasonic Computerized Cutting Machine was making of PLC, with automatic feeding. computer calculating high cutting rate, high accuracy, it was able to cut more than one at the same time 3. Dovetail cutter, straight cutter and beveled cutter are available, which is suitable for various kinds of packing tape. nylon webbing. and ribbon 4.This machine can adjust the length, quantity and speed setting arbitrarily 5.Use LCD display, material automatic stop 6.Using high performance ARM chip for power saving 7.Front and rear unloading function, upper and lower deceleration function 8.Motor drive has over-current, over-pressure, and anti-interference functions 9.Blade is made of white steel cut steel, with heat resistance and cold cutting characteristics, wear resistance and durability 10.The feeding wheel is synchronized with the gear 11.Count function, more accurate material delivery 12.It has an accurate length calibration function Note: This equipment is widely used in the packaging, gift, ribbon cutting and other industries, and its incomparable cutting effect is deeply loved by the general customers LJL-210Bsinelgimg (2) LJL-210Bsinelgimg (3) LJL-210Bsinelgimg (4) LJL-210Bsinelgimg (1)

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