Computerized pipe cutting machine LJL-D100

Model: LJL-D100 Cutting width:1-100mm 1-120mm 0-160mm 0-200mm(can customized more than 200mm) Cutting length:0.1mm-9999.9mm Cutting speed:100-150pcs/m

Products Details


Model LJL-D100
Power 220V/110V    50Hz/60Hz  150W
Cutting length 0.1mm-9999.9mm
Cutting width 1-100mm 1-120mm    0-160mm 0-200mm(can customized more than 200mm)
Memory 100
Accuracy ±0.1m
Cutting speed 100-150pcs/m
Weight 34kg
Dimensions L400*W300*H430 mm

Scope of application

This computer is suitable for hot shrink casing, Silicone pipe, Tieflon tube, Glass fiber tube, PVC pipe, PE pipe, Silicone pipe, Oil resistance pipe, railway pipe, woven network pipe, Fluorinated plastic pipe, anti-corrosion pipe, yellow and green pipe, pattern pipe, medium, thick wall sheath, double wall pipe, marking pipe, electrolytic capacitor PVC set, PVC plastic tape, Line ining, Tie apping wire, Plastic hose, Insulation paper, Copper foil, Copper sheets, Double-sided adhesive, PE thin film bag, Leather, Cloric acetate, Rubber pads, Cotton yarn tape, Safety belt, Tastbelt, Color bands, Bag the track, Plastic tape, Bonding buckle tape, Battery separator, Nickel tablets, Diffusion, Reflective film, Conductive cloth / foam, PET, Magicures, Zip equal strip or hose like equal length are cut.

Product characteristics:

1. Computer pipe machine controlled by microcomputer program with accuracy of 0.1mm 2.Cutting speed adjustable, full Chinese LCD display 3.Length and speed are arbitrarily continuously adjustable 4.Automatic grouping of cumulative and total cumulative count 5.Batch pause and delay time can be set 6.Automatic shutdown of material shortage. 7.Fully cut various tubular and ribbon materials; 8.Time protection; total setting; split setting; split pause time adjustable; 9.All kinds of manual operation, convenient for commissioning; 10.Visual Chinese display of computer cutter LCD, simple and convenient operation and English display. 11.Using special mechanical structure and special tool and special software control to solve the uneven cut of silicon rubber tube in other manufacturers. Flat incision, accurate length

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