Wire coil winding twist tie machine used tie wire rubber coated tying wire LJL-DRPW110S

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Automatic cable coil winder machine for wire and cable twist tie machine Wire coil winding twist tie machine used tie wire rubber coated tying wire The machine is suitable for AC power cord, DC power cord, headphones line, audio line, USB cable, video line, HDMI hd line, etc all kinds of transmission line with plastic bags core twisted into beam, also can be used on other tape to use packet core sealing glue.


Model LJL-DRPW110S wire measuring cutting binding tying spool coil winding machine
Winding speed 1-10 circle/sec
Cable coil diameter 50-200mm
Load 1.5kg
Cable tie Rubber wrapped iron wire Cable tie with iron core < 1 mm thick * 3.9 mm wide Special width can be customized
The standard disc diameter 280mm (220/280mm)
Voltage AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power <500W
Weight 40KG
Dimensions L400×W800×H340
Tying speed 0.6 times/sec
This machine uses iron wire tie to tie power cord, USB cable and other wire harness, also can be used It is suitable for packaging plastic bag mouth. The iron wire tie can be cut and tightened automatically, and the cut length of the tie is the same as that of the tightened one The number of turns can be set by program. The user only needs to place the wire harness in the working position and trigger the start switch to automatically start Move the wire tie around the product and tighten it

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