Vertical Multi core wire stripping terminal press machine LJL-A201

Model: LJL-A201 Applicable wire:AWG$18-AWG#28 Stroke:30MM Applicable terminal:Ordinary horizontal and straight connection terminals Processing line length:About 2500pcs/h

Products Details

Suitable for multi core wires such as computer core wires, isolated wires, telephone wires, flat wires, USB data wires, power wires, earphone wires, audio wires etc.
Product Model LJL-A201
Product name High speed terminal machine with stripping
Force 2.0T
Applicable wire AWG$18-AWG#28
Stroke 30MM
Applicable terminal Ordinary horizontal and straight connection terminals
Dimension 300*280*450mm
Weight 85KG
Voltage AC220V 50Hz  750W
Processing line length About 2500pcs/h
Work efficiency Wire cutting machine
Stripping length 0~10mm
Work pressure 0.4-0.6MPA
Rated power 0.8KW

Product description

(1) Mainly suitable for computer multi-core cable, isolation cable, telephone cable, cable, USB data cable, power cable, headphone cable, audio cable and other multi-core electronic cable (2) The peeling and crimping of the terminal are completed at one time, and the waste scurf is sucked away by the suction device (3) Fast speed, 0.2 seconds each time to complete the crimping speed, greatly improving the work efficiency (4)Low noise, foot pedal, motor work; If you don't step on it, it doesn't work, thus saving the noise of motor rotation and the huge noise of mechanical clutch and electromagnetic collision products (5) High speed control, full use of microcomputer control, accurate speed regulation, accurate positioning and other basic functions (6) Energy saving, maximum saving of electrical consumption (7) Long term maintenance free, permanent electric control instead of mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch, effectively eliminate the loss between machines, reduce the wear and tear of the machine a201singliemg (2) a201singliemg (3) a201singliemg (4) a201singliemg (1) a201singliemg (5) a201singliemg (6) a201singliemg (7) a201singliemg (8) 8sdgg59g (1) 8sdgg59g (2)

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